S. E. A:

     Sea. Environment. Altogether let’s care and act

7th of July

Newspaper Article

Following the beach clean up carried out at Rinella Bay, the Eco school committee members wrote a newspaper article describing the activity and how they felt whilst experiencing the lack of concern for the environment.  This article was published in a local newspaper.  You can read the article by following this link:


28th of June

Distribution of plastic cones given to us by MTA

for the correct disposal of cigarette butts

On the 11th of June, during our beach clean-up, we found an astounding amount of cigarette butts.  This triggered us to take action against this harmful effect on our bio diversity. Therefore, our eco-school committee set an urgent meeting with our eco school coordinator, Johann Gatt.  During this meeting, it was decided that we should contact Malta Tourism Authority so as to help us in this endeavour.  The MTA took this concern seriously and took immediate action.  They donated plastic cones to be distributed to every family whose child attends Isla Primary School.  On our last school day, these plastic cones were given out to us.  The use of these plastic cones, is that they should be taken to the beach or anywhere so that cigarette butts can be thrown in them and then disposed of appropriately.


To our dismay, cigarette butts are the most littered item on Earth.  Worldwide 4.5 trillion cigarettes are littered each year.  Smokers are usually not aware of the harmful consequences of the cigarette butt and therefore litter it casually.

BUT CIGARETTE BUTTS ARE TOXIC.  They leach toxic chemicals- such as arsenic (used to kill rats) and lead, to name a few.  These leak into the environment and can contaminate water.  This toxic exposure can poison fish, as well as animals who eat cigarette butts.  We will also end up intoxicated!


World Oceans Day 8th June

Celebrating World Oceans Day with a clean up event on 11th June

 at Rinella Bay in collaboration with Divewise


On the 8th June World Oceans Day is celebrated.  On the 11th June, the whole school was involved in a clean up event which was organised by the Eco school committee in collaboration with Sarah, Jack who is a marine biology student and two divers- Marinus and Jaen-Ray from Divewise. During the activity, we also had visits from Hon Glen Beddingfield, two members from Kalkara Local Council, Johann Gatt and a beach cleaner.   The parents and children who were present enjoyed this learning experience and everyone collaborated towards a cleaner beach.

Why did we do this?

As we all know when the tides rise, they collect items on the beach and take the items out when the water lowers, including trash.  This trash is very bad for the sea creatures. Creatures have been reported having straws stuck in their noses, or head stuck in plastic bottle rings.  When creatures eat trash they think they are full, thus resulting in the trash remaining in their stomach and the creatures die. We will end up with no sea creatures!

First we gathered in a shaded area and we had a welcoming speech by our head of school, Ms. Napier.  Then, a short talk by Sarah from Divewise followed.  Subsequently, the programme of the day was outlined and afterwards both children and adults were given gloves to wear, the activity set forth.

Everyone rolled up their sleeves and started.  For the first part of the clean up, the younger ones together with accompanying adults, cleaned the sand by sifting it, removing any debris found.  Older kids went on the cement to watch the divers dive and bring on shore what they found under the water as well as to clean the whereabouts and pick up (using appropriate pickers) floating items that could be reached from ashore.

Divers continued to dive and bring on shore the debris  found under water.

The high temperature did not dishearten neither the children nor their relatives who continued in this endeavor wholeheartedly.

We collected so much rubbish!! Then with the help of the team from Divewise, we separated the waste collected.

We felt so proud of ourselves and concluded this learning experience with this important message:

How can WE keep our beaches clean?

Along with the beach towels and umbrellas, let’s bring along something to keep our trash in.

Be prepared to see trash already on the beach. Not everyone has a perfect memory and may forget about their waste or it may have been blown away from them by the wind. If we find someone else’s trash on the beach, let’s be kind and pick it up using gloves.

Let’s not throw cigarette filters on the sand or worse in the sea BUT use a container with some sand in


We are protectors of the environment and the life it sustains. Keeping our earth as well as the oceans clean is a great way to have a clean earth AND BETTER HEALTH

The easiest way to do this is to simply pick it up!

30th of May

Recording of our song S.E.A ~ Sea Environment Altogether let’s care and act in a Professional studio in Paola

After having written and sung the song S.E.A. Sea, Environment, Altogether let’s care and act and after having worked with Owen Leuellen for an amelioration of the song, we decided to record this song in a professional studio.

We were all very excited because we were going to experience the work involved to record a song.

As soon as we arrived we were warmly greeted and the programme of the day was explained to us.

Then, Aldo  guided us through our journey.  He was going to guide us to the perfecting of our song which once finalized would be edited and sent to us.

We did it for several several times but Aldo said that even professional singers take long to record a song.  He told us that no matter how long it takes we will do it and this boosted our confidence.

The more we tried the more we enjoyed ourselves and we could also observe that the walls of the recording area were soundproof because it was important that no sound enters since it could be detected by the microphone – we could not even hold any paper!  Then, the best part came where we had to record the solos.  We had so much fun.  First we started recording the beat-box.

Then, each of us took turns to record their solo parts in the song.

The song we have recorded:

THE LYRICS OF THE SONG:   S.E.A altogether let’s care and act

S.E.A altogether altogether

S.E.A altogether

let’s care and act

hey yo
button up listen up yeah right

S…the sea sustains our lives
biodiversity … strives
so stop that marine litter
we urge you reconsider

E…environment is our home
the trees, the streets
the air we breathe
so stop all this pollution
and give a contribution

reduce reuse recycle
and why don’t you upcycle
But wait if you start being creative you’ll be more innovative and be more qualitative

A… altogether altogether let’s care and act

temperature rising…

temperature falling…
while we talking
climate change is crawling





This was an outstanding learning experience.  What we enjoyed the most was, that the more we tried the more we enjoyed ourselves trying. We enjoyed making mistakes because this helped us learn and get even better.

Our advice is to never give up.  

Keep on trying until you succeed.

30th of May

Children’s Posters against Marine Litter

As part of our dissemination process, children were asked to make a drawing to pass on the message against marine litter and to encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle. Each drawing is stuck next to each other so as to make one big poster.  This poster is put in a prominent place at school.  Some of these drawings were chosen and printed onto posters to be distributed around Isla; namely at Isla Local Council, in the church, grocery shops and restaurants.

23rd of May

A workshop with a Maltese rapper, hip hop and rap song writer

As part of our dissemination process, one of the classes was involved in creating a poem dedicated to our goal towards taking care of our seas and the environment.  As a matter of fact, we called the poem as our Eco Code: S.E.A -Sea Environment Altogether let’s care and act.  Rhythm was added to the poem.  The children used recyclable objects to make rhythm and created musical instruments out of recyclable material as an accompaniment to the song. 

A Maltese rapper who is also a hip hop and rap song writer, Owen Leuellen, was also invited to work with the children on some arrangements for this poem into a song.  It was a thorough learning experience for the children.  The children performed with the song in two school activities where parents and local authorities were invited.  Our next step is to record the song and upload it on social media.  

The poem:

S.E.A –  Sea Environment Altogether let’s care and act

S.E.A altogether altogether
S.E.A altogether
let’s care and act
hey yo
button up listen up yeah right
S…the sea sustains our lives
biodiversity … strives
so stop that marine litter
we urge u …. Reconsider
E…environment is our home
the trees, the streets
the air we breathe
so stop all this pollution
and give a contribution
reduce reuse recycle
and wait why don’t u upcycle
if you start being creative you’ll be more innovative
and be more qualitative
A… altogether altogether let’s care and act
temperature rising… temperature falling…
while we talking
climate change is crawling


16th of April

The Inauguration of the Water Tanks-Our Water Conservation Project

In October, Eco-school link teachers together with the assistant head, went on an Erasmus+ project called Know Feel Act to Stop Marine Litter. We all know that the sea is important for us, water itself is important and water is not infinite. We decided that apart from acting on Marine Litter we should also focus on the conservation of water. Therefore, we decided to install water pumps in our water tanks so that we can use rain water and further on grey water. We applied for funds for this project and the school and our project was awarded. A celebration for the School Projects Award was done on 15th March at Ghajn, the National Water Conservation Centre in Rabat. As soon as this great news was communicated to us, we immediately started to act upon it.

Following the completion of the work on the water tanks, the Eco-school children thought that it was best to inform the outside community and they decided to formulate some questions to be then be put on the year 4, year 5 and year 6 tablets so as they could ask them to their parents.  The first questions asked were after the Spiritual Exercises done for parents at school.  Children from year 4 class took their tablets and did this questionnaire to the parents found at school on the day.  The other children did it with their parents at home.

These are the results of the questionnaire.  From these results, it was concluded, that we need to work more towards better water conservation:

The inauguration of the Water Tanks, took place on 16th April.  For this ceremony, prominent people were invited as were the children’s parents.  For this ceremony, the video of Claire Agius which focuses on Marine litter was shown and some children asked her questions.  The results of the questionnaire was shown and the children also performed part of the play done for the Celebration Day.  Some children performed their rap poem called, S.E.A- sea, environment altogether let’s care and act.  At the end of the ceremony, the guests were given recyclable cloth bags to be used instead of plastic bags.

It was a nice ceremony, the start but not the end of our goal towards water conservation.

S.E.A. Sea Environment Altogether- let’s care and act

8th April

Air Pollution

During morning assembly, where all school children were present, a video clip on air pollution was shown and explained.  Afterwards, the Eco School secretary, explained our collaboration with ERA regarding the experimental project regarding the recording of air quality around our school.  Andrea also explained how this will be monitored and eventually tested.

The video clip on air pollution below:


20th March

Fair with Air

The Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes invited schools to participate in the European-wide project entitled Fair with Air at School – Citizen Science Project which involves the monitoring of air quality by students. This project is coordinated by The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) in collaboration with the Żigużajg Arts Festival for children and young people. This citizen science project provides a unique opportunity for students to participate in school-based data collection to monitor levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which is a pollutant mostly produced by vehicles. The main objective of this initiative is to monitor the quality of air in schools and their proximities. It also contributes towards raising awareness on the quality of air and the role of citizens to improve the air quality around them. Special equipment provided by ERA was installed in our school in order for students to actively participate in data collection. This project fosters an opportunity to promote students’ engagement in authentic science related learning experiences, while strengthening their environmental stewardship. The first 4-week monitoring period will take place between Wednesday 20th March and Wednesday 17th April 2019.

On the 20th March members involved in this project came to our school and had a meeting with Eco School team members where they showed them how this project works and together with them installed the equipment into two tubes and decided upon the best place for the equipment to be installed.  At the moment we have two data collection monitors, one in the school yard and one outside the school.

See pictures below:

18th March

Celebration Day: Act Now on Marine Litter!

All around the world people are talking about the damage we humans are causing to our sea when the sea itself sustains planet life.  It sustains, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the climate we live in and the food we eat.

S.E.A: Sea Environment Altogether Let’s Care and Act.  This is our Eco Code and this is what was projected  in the play.  Through magic, a group of children are transported under the sea into the Sea Witches’ Village.  They get to see all the terrifying things surrounding them, are shocked and decide to do something about it.   They realize the terrible state our seas are in because of those people ho do not reduce, reuse and recycle.  Moreover, the winds blow everything into the sea and life under the sea suffers.  In the play, the sea creatures are angry.   The witches and wizards of Sea Witches’ Village are furious as they can’t take the situation any longer and want to declare war against humans and the winds. The wizards together with the jellyfish start preparing for war.  However,  war will not happen because with the help of the mermaids and the children, everyone realizes that team work is the best solution to war. 

 S.E.A: Sea. Environment. Altogether Let’s Care and Act! 

All costumes used  for the play were made out of recycled material- octopuses out of used cartons, starfish out of jablo, corals out of reusable cloth and toilet paper rolls, sea turtles out of plastic bottles, yogurt cups and magazines, sea horses out of plastic bottles and used cloth, mermaids out of used cartons, jellyfish out of used caps and streamers and sea creatures out of recycled paper and cardboard paper. The stage was decorated out of used material, plastic bottles and magazines.

See pictures below:

15th March

Awards Ceremony at Ghajn Rabat, for the funding of the LIFE School Projects

On 15th March, the Eco School teacher representative together with two Yr 5 students attended the Award Ceremony for the funding of the LIFE School Projects.  This ceremony took place at Għajn Rabat.

Kieran and Chloe, the two students who attended for this ceremony had to make a speech and present a presentation of the work that is  being carried out in conjunction with our aim which is that of saving rain water.  Here under, you can find their speech


We live at Isla and so the sea is part of our life- We love our sea.

Our Eco code is S.E.A. Sea Environment Altogether Let’s Care and Act.

Our Eco School teachers together with our assistant head went on an Erasmus+ project called Know Feel Act to Stop Marine Litter.  We all know that the sea is important for us, water itself is important and water is not infinite.  We decided that apart from acting on Marine Litter we should also focus on the conservation of water. Therefore, we decided to install water pumps in our water tanks so that we can use rain water and further on grey water.  We discussed our project with the local council secretary who was very pleased with us and encouraged us to present our project to the Mayor. 



So we did.  This presentation took place last November where the parents were also invited. Everyone congratulated us on the idea and we felt really proud with ourselves.  Moreover when the local council offered to help us.  Special thanks go to Mr. Glenn Bugeja from HSBC.

Works have already started and we take turns to take meter readings so that when we start preserving water, we can compare the present readings to the readings after the system starts operating, so that we can see, how much water we are saving.

We are very honoured with this project and we are extremely eager for it to start functioning so that we can see how we are acting towards sustaining water for a better future.

See pictures below and the pdf:

Award Ceremony   – pdf

19th December

Christmas Concert

Each year a Christmas Concert takes place at school but this year’s decorations were different.  They were up cycled.  Year 2  educators  up cycled the crib, the sleigh and the fireplace. These were then used to decorate the stage.  The students then decorated the Christmas tree from recyclable material.  The presents underneath the Christmas tree were also made of reusable objects and were used during one of the performances of the Christmas concert.

See pictures below:

14th December 

An online article was shown to children-how are you going to wrap your Christmas presents this year?

The usual wrapping papers are mostly non recyclable and therefore disposal of them damages the environment.  This is why as Christmas is soon approaching, an online article was shown to children during morning assembly on gift wrapping ideas.

click on the link below:


12th December

Planting vetches using reusable containers

As a Christmas activity the year 3 class decided to plant vetches.  The children were asked to bring reusable containers from home, thus they were shown another way of using a reused item instead of throwing it away.

17th November- 25th November

European Week for Waste Reduction in connection with World Children’s Day

Between 17th and 25th November, the European Week for Waste Reduction took place in our school.  During this week our aim was to create an awareness on Up cycling whilst continue to reinforce the correct disposal of waste.  So as to create more awareness against the use of plastic, the school council members, asked our sponsor to bring fruit in a carton box , children and people who participated on this event will be more aware and cooperate as well.

On the 20th November in connection with the World Children’s Day, an interactive activity day took place at our school.  The mayor together with the other members from the Local Council and the parents were invited on this said event.

Parents played games with their children using recyclable objects which had been used for every particular games.  They also played the separation of waste game and could ask questions so as to learn more on the correct waste separation.   Those  parents who were interested in one of our up cycling projects, in this case up cycling chairs for sports activities equipment went to discuss their ideas with the general hands.   The general hands listened to the parents’ ideas and acted accordingly.

See pictures below:

22nd and 23rd October

Year 1 Halloween Crafts

Together with their educators Ms. Gabriella as well as Ms. Doris, the Year 1 students created bats using recycled materials.

See pictures below:

Erasmus+ Training in Greece: 6th – 12th October

The eco school team together with the Assistant Head of school went on an ERASMUS project in Athens- Train-the-trainer course on the Pack: Know, Feel, Act! to Stop Marine Litter

During this course we continued to learn about the harmful effects of plastic to our environment especially to our oceans.  We have learned about micro plastic and the importance of grey water.

We involved ourselves into hands on activities and we were given practical ideas on how we can disseminate our knowledge to children.

See pictures below:

5th October, 2018-Ekoskola Silver Awards

On 5th October,  the school was awarded with a Silver Award for its  efficient ways in disseminating information on waste separation and in creating awareness against the use of plastic.

See pictures below:


1st October 2018

As the new scholastic year started the Eco school team took the responsibility of recapitulating the importance of waste separation and the dangerous effects of plastic to our seas.  For this reason the video clip shown in June 1 during the clean up activity had also been shown on this scholastic year.

Video on plastic pollution


They had shared their intention of keep on working towards waste separation, building on reducing the use of plastic, the idea that this scholastic year would be dedicated to upcycling furniture and other things found at school as well as creating objects using recyclable materials.

1st June 2018

As from last scholastic year, the school has been working on waste separation.  This scholastic year we reinforced waste separation and started working more rigorously on the reduction of plastic especially because of the harm it is doing to our seas; when the sea sustains planet life. For this reason, the NGO Zibel was contacted and a clean-up was set up between kindergarten classes, Eco school members and school council members together with each group’s respective relatives.

During the morning assembly on that day, a video on plastic pollution was shown and then followed by the clean-up activity.

Video on plastic pollution


The Eco school council together with other children had already been working on making a rap song called, “Zibel” using reusable material as instruments and the clean up activity, it was performed and recorded and then presented during the morning assembly.

Click on this to watch:  rap song Żibel Żibel

Pictures had been taken as well during the said clean up activity.

Eko-Skola – Skola Primarja Isla (2018-2019)

X’inhu l-programm Eko-Skola?

Eko-Skola hu programm li l-għan tiegħu hu li jagħti ċans lill-istudenti jsemmgħu leħinhom u jieħdu deċiżjonijiet biex itejbu l-ambjent ta’ madwarhom. Dan ħa jagħmluh billi l-ewwel jitgħallmu jtejbu l-ambjent fl-iskola tagħna.

L-Eko-Skola ddaħħal fl-iskejjel Maltin fis-sena 2002. Għall-bidu ħadu sehem 6 skejjel biss. Billi dan il-proġett irnexxa, fis-sena skolastika 2003/4 l-Eko-Skola, permezz ta’ partnership man-Nature Trust gie miftuħ għall-iskejjel kollha. Illum hemm madwar 110 skola primarja u sekondarja f’Malta u Għawdex li qed jieħdu sehem fl-Eko-Skola.

L-Eko-Skola timxi fuq 7 elementi, li jekk dawn jintlaħqu, l-iskola tkun tista’ tapplika għall-Green Flag Award. L-ewwel irid jiġi ffurmat il-Kumitat li jkun magħmul mill-istudenti u xi għalliema.

Is-7 elementi huma :-

  • Environment Review – stħarriġ dwar x’hemm bżonn li jsir fl-ambjent tal-iskola.
  • Action Plan – l-azzjonijiet li għandhom isiru, min ħa jkun inkarigat li jieħu ħsieb l-azzjoni, l-għanijiet tal-pjan, dati sa meta għandhom jitlestew l-azzjonijiet.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – biex tara li l-azzjoni qed tirnexxi u li saret sew.
  • Curriculum Plan – l-Eko-skola tkun imdaħħla ukoll fis-suġġetti akkademiċi.
  • Informing and Involving – tinform lill-istudenti l-oħra lill-Head u anke barra mill-iskola.
  • Eco-Code – l-ideali li l-iktar trid timxi lejhom l-eEko-Skola f’dik l-iskola.

Jekk skola twettaq dawn is-7 elementi flimkien mal-Action Plan tingħata l-Green Flag.

Il-Kumitat tal-Eko-Skola 2018-19:

President: Jasmine Geriwa

Viċi President: Dion Caruana Abela

Segretarji: Andrea Scicluna, Javen Barbara

PRO’s: Sarah Spiteri, Donessica Bonello Bonnici, Zaleisha Bianchi

Membri: Jasmine Bates, Javier Mizzi, Shazlaya Sammut, Enah Eboh

Fix-xhur ta’ Novembru u Diċembru  l-membri  bdew iduru mal-iskola u jaraw liema huma dawk l-affarijiet li jeħtieġ jaħdmu fuqhom. Dan jissejjaħ Environmental Review. Minn dan ir-Review l-istudenti ħolqu Pjan ta’ Azzjoni li fih sabiex jitjieb l-ambjent tal-iskola u dak fil-komunita’. Dan il-Pjan ta’ Azzjoni ġie wkoll inkluż fl-iSchool Development Plan. Il-Kumitat iddeċieda li joffoka fuq 3 prijoritajiet l-iskart, l-ilma u tisbiħ tal-ambjent tal-iskola.

Grupp ta’ għalliema u learning support assistants ukoll huma involuti fil-programm. Huma iħeġġu u jgħinu lill-istudenti jieħdu sehem f’kull inizjattiva li jipproponi l-kumitat. Barra minn hekk huma qegħdin jinkludu ħafna mit-temi ambjentali li nkunu qegħdin jaħdmu fuqhom fil-lezzjonijiet tagħhom.

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